Payment methodsThe METRO parking meter solution provides a choice of secure and easy to use payment methods including currency (coins and bills), ONLINE credit card and Cell Phone payment.


Our ONLINE Credit Card payment solution was introduced in 2004 using our secure wireless technology and partnering with a market leader in electronic payments, Direct Payment Solutions, maintaining the highest level PCI DSS certification (Level 1) and ensuring your funds and customer credit card information are secure.

Although credit card payment for unattended machines has been around for many years it has not been widely used due to the high cost of administration and fraud caused by machines not being ON LINE.

The GLOBAL Credit Card solution minimizes risks and reduces administration, delivering funds direct into an Operator’s Bank Account overnight automatically. All Card payments are authorized at the time of transaction meaning that reported stolen and lost cards are rejected. The authorization turnaround time is typically 3-5 seconds, measured from the parking machine to the issuing bank and back.


tableWhat is the difference between the GISL Credit Card ONLINE Payment Solution and other credit card payment solutions being offered for Pay and Displays?

The two main types of credit payment options offered for Pay & Displays are – BATCH and ONLINE.

BATCH uses a simple data collection device to read and check a credit card then stores the transaction until it is downloaded and sent to the bank for processing. (Sometimes referred to as Batch Online).

ONLINE uses a card reader to read the card which then sends the details direct to the bank for authorization over a secure line before allowing the transaction. All transaction details are recorded securely outside of the machine at the bank. Funds are automatically transferred to the owner without the need to download data from machines.