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Metro Parking Pay Station

The METRO Parking Pay Station.

The METRO pay station is truly versatile. A fully integrated solar panel charges recyclable batteries eliminating the need for external mains power supply connection.

Configured in either Pay and Display, Pay-by-Space or Pay-by-Plate (license) mode, the parking meter is a self-service ticketing machine used to control parking space availability in a variety of parking environments.

These smart parking meters provide a vast selection of user-friendly features such as remote programming of parking fees and display messages, and a choice of secure payment methods including coins, bills, and cards, including on-line payment methods.

The METRO Pay and Display meter has a large graphical screen which displays parking fees, hours of operation and user instructions, eliminating the need for unsightly decals and instruction labels which require replacement when there is a parking rate change.

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  • Integrated solar panel
  • Simple and convenient user interfaces
  • Sleek, compact size – smallest footprint full-featured pay station on market

Pay & Display

  • Wireless communications and centralized management
  • iButton electronic locking service cabinet and vault – lost or stolen keys can instantly be remotely reprogrammed

  • Simple Installation
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Low power consumption

  • Empowering end users with turnkey operations
  • Many options for customer management solutions
  • Spare parts always readily available